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Newsbruiser Notes From All Over

This page contains notes about useful, cool, and stupid things you can do to NewsBruiser.

NewsBruiser Speedup

If your webserver doesn't have write permission to your NewsBruiser installation, Python won't be able to cache the byte-compiled versions of the .py files. A NewsBruiser which must byte-compile every time is not a happy NewsBruiser. You can make NewsBruiser about twice as fast by byte-compiling the files yourself. Change to the NewsBruiser root directory and run tool/compile.py to compile.

If you only have FTP access to your webserver, you can run this command on a NewsBruiser source tree on your local machine, then FTP over the .pyc files.

You need to run compile.py every time you upgrade NewsBruiser or otherwise change the source code.

Submitted by Gary Benson

Entry Import Wackiness

NewsBruiser implements the mod_virgule XML-RPC interface and can import entries from any other site that does. This means that you can copy NewsBruiser entries from one NewsBruiser notebook to another by hooking up RSS2.cgi to import.cgi (use the source notebook name as the mod_virgule username).

You can achieve the same effect by doing an RSS import from another NewsBruiser notebook's RSS feed, but that's not as cool. It is, however, much more efficient, since you're getting all the entries at once instead of making an XML-RPC call from each one.

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