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2020-03-13: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down very soon. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep ASAP

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Summary A simple but feature-packed system for writing weblogs
Category techcomm
License BSD License
Owner(s) leonardr
"Switching my journal software was like walking into a dealership with a wheelbarrow and driving out with a red Ferrari."

--Brendan Adkins

"One of the best blogging utilities making the rounds... Friendly, organized, versatile, and great to use."

--Linux Format magazine

"I looked at several Python- and other-based weblog systems and NewsBruiser was the only one which didn't frustrate me after 5 minutes."

--Tim Golden

NewsBruiser is a simple but feature-packed system for writing weblogs. It's easy to set up, easy to use, it won't make you install a lot of other software, and it's free! Download it now and give it a try!

Latest news: NewsBruiser 2.6.2 released on April 27, 2008


  • Simple web-based installation and setup
  • Easily import entries from other tools (eg. Moveable Type, Manila) or RSS feeds
  • Customizable through CSS and a simple templating system
  • Several prepackaged themes
  • Categories
  • Draft entries
  • RSS syndication
  • Trackback
  • Integrated Creative Commons licensing
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to extend

Much more! Take the tour to see more features and screenshots.

Download it

Download the latest release of NewsBruiser here, or get the current CVS tree here.

NewsBruiser will run on Python 1.5.2 and up.


Documentation comes with NewsBruiser, but you can also read it online.

For easier maintainability and to encourage user contributions, NewsBruiser documentation is moving onto a Wiki.

Case studies

Here are just a sampling of the weblogs that run NewsBruiser. For a more complete list, see the wiki page.

If you run NewsBruiser, take pride! Add to the bottom of your page a tasteful text link to newsbruiser.tigris.org, or use one of these elegant buttons:

Powered by NewsBruiser
Powered by NewsBruiser
Powered by NewsBruiser
Powered by NewsBruiser

Also let me know so that I can add your weblog to the list of NewsBruiser weblogs.

Further Development

See the TODO. I'm always working to make NewsBruiser better and more fun to hack. It's not hard to get started with NewsBruiser if you know Python; please implement your cool ideas and send me your changes so they can be folded into the main source tree.